Subaru Loves Learning│Bertera & Philip G. Coburn Elementary School

During the month of August Bertera Subaru of West Springfield and The Philip G. Coburn Elementary School partnered up to provide one-hundred fifty new books and numerous school supplies to the children enrolled at Philip G. Coburn, The Springfield JCC Early Learning Center, and The Agawam Robinson Park School Kindergarten class. Here at Bertera, we know our future lies in the next generation’s hands. Together all of us can ensure every student has the same chances available to them in school. Together we can provide students and teachers with the tools and supplies they need to learn and teach effectively and efficiently.

On Friday, September 8th Holly, Dan, and Sebastian traveled over to Philip G. Coburn Elementary School to drop off the donation of one-hundred fifty new books to the students. During their visit, they had a chance to learn more about the school and students. They were very impressed with the programs the school had in place and excited to learn that Coburn has a new building in the works as well! This may be the start of something great with Bertera Subaru of West Springfield and The Philip G. Coburn Elementary School. Let’s continue to work together to ensure our students have the best possible chances in everything they do!

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Throughout all of September and October, we will be collecting new and gently used coats, jackets, sweaters and more! Bertera Auto Group has partnered up with the Springfield Rescue Mission, South Park Inn, and Veterans Inc. to provide winter clothing and supplies to those in need. If you’re looking for more ways to help than just donating clothes, please feel free to donate some of the most needed items listed below. View the official event flyer here.

Drop Off Locations

From September 1st to October 31st, every single Bertera location will be accepting donations. This includes Metro Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Chicopee. Your donation will be delivered to a shelter within range of the dealership. Find out where you should drop off your donations below.

Shelters and Partnered Dealerships

The Springfield Rescue mission will be accepting donations from:
Bertera Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in West Springfield
Bertera Fiat of West Springfield
Bertera Mitsubishi in West Springfield
Bertera Subaru of West Springfield
Bertera Dodge in Westfield
Metro Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Chicopee

Veterans Inc. will be accepting donations from:
Bertera Nissan in Auburn
Bertera Chevrolet in Palmer

South Park Inn will be accepting donations from:
Bertera Subaru of Hartford

Most Needed Items

Personal Care:
 Deodorant
 Razors-Gillette/Schick-Men’s & Women’s
 Soap
 Shampoo
 Toothbrushes
 Toothpaste
 Dental Floss
 Feminine Hygiene Products
 Vaseline/Hand Lotion
 Medicated Foot Powder
 Nail Files/Nail Clippers
 Cough Drops
 Vicks Vapor Rub
 Reusable Water Bottles
 Combs/Hairbrushes
 Chargeable Barber Kits
 Diabetic Testing Kits

Men’s Clothing:
 Underwear/Boxers – new, all sizes
 Under T-Shirts (L, XL, XXL) (new/gently used)
 Socks: White Tube/Low-cut (all sizes)
 Tops: Long Sleeve, Dress Shirts, Collared Shirts, Sweatshirts (New England Sports) (L, XL, XXL) (new or gently used)
 Bottoms: Jeans, Dress Pants (new or gently used)
 Flip-flops (M, L, XL)
 Footwear: Shoes, Sneakers, Boots-size 9-13 & wide (new or gently used)
 (Seasonal) Hats, Gloves, Scarves (new or gently used)
 (Seasonal) Winter Jackets (any size – new or gently used)

Women’s Clothing:
 Bras (sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40 A/B/C/D) (new)
 Underwear – new, all sizes
 Tops: Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Blouses, Sweatshirts (any size – new or gently used)
 Bottoms: Jeans, Dress Pants, Skirts (any size – new or gently used)
 Socks: White low-cut, Dress and Nylons (new)
 Footwear: Sneakers, Dress Shoes, Boots (sizes: 6–9) (new or gently used)
 (Seasonal) Hats, Gloves, Scarves (new or gently used)
 (Seasonal) Winter Jackets (any size – new or gently used)

Bed & Bath:
 Bath Towels/Hand Towels/Washcloths (new)
 Bed Pillows (new)
 Blankets: Twin & Full (new)
 Pillowcases: Standard (new)
 Laundry Bags: Nylon/Canvas (new)

Miscellaneous Items:
 New England Public Transportation Passes
(Including passes for city bus routes and cabs)
 Postage Stamps
 Nonperishable Canned Goods/Food Items
 Regular “Ground” Coffee (please, no whole beans)
 Cases of Individual Bottled Spring Water
 Cleaning Supplies (for individual housing units)
 Bug Spray
 Umbrellas
 Watches

Gift Certificates:
 Visa Gift Cards
 Target, Walmart
 CVS, Walgreens
 Grocery Stores
 Coffee Shops, Restaurants or Fast Food locations
 Gas Cards
 Movie Passes
 Sporting Event Tickets
 Museums
 Concert Tickets
**Any kind of Gift Certificate is welcomed**

Let us know you’re participating by checking in on our Facebook Event located here.

Here at Bertera, we know that learning sticks when students have the tools they need to create new ways of thinking and experiencing the world. Through the Subaru Loves Learning initiative this August, we are supporting the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) by donating award-winning science books to K-12 students in our community. Bertera Subaru will be donating 150 Books to Philip G Coburn Elementary School. Let’s help start the school year off right! Watch the video below to learn more.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday August 1, 2017 – Thursday August 31, 2017
Location: Bertera Subaru

Subaru Loves Learning

The AAAS seeks to advance science, innovation, and engineering throughout the world for the benefit of mankind. By nurturing students’ scientific interests and talents, AAAS programs provide exciting opportunities and outlets to help build bridges to careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. If we start them off young we’re starting them off right.

We believe that students are the only hope for a better future for all of us. You can help us inspire our students to learn more about science by writing a note of encouragement to a student on a bookmark. Your message and personalized book label will be inserted in a science book and donated on your behalf.

We’re also collecting commonly needed school supplies for students that may not have the means to get them on their own. Find out what’s needed below.

school supply

Most commonly needed school supplies:

•Backpacks (By far the most needed)
•Construction Paper
•Glue Sticks
•Masking Tape
•Colored Pencils
•Pencil Grips school supply drive
•Pencil Holders
•3-hole Binder Paper
•Finger Paint
•General Art Supplies / Tissues / Lysol Etc.
and more!


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Looking For More Farm Hands!

Last month we were given the opportunity to sponsor a class’ trip to The Red Gate Farm and we couldn’t resist the opportunity! The students from Bowles Elementary School in Springfield had a blast working on the farm. During their visit, they were given the opportunity to participate in a number of activities on the farm including maintaining crops and caring for the farm animals.
The entire class we sponsored received T-shirts during their overnight stay! We genuinely couldn’t be happier to have been given the opportunity to help our community like this.If you’re a local business looking to sponsor a class of your own please feel free to contact Red Gate Farm to learn more! Check out the video below to see what type of activities the kids will be participating in during their visit.

Learn more about what goes on at The Red Gate Farm by visiting their official website. Check out WWLP 22 News’ coverage of the Farm here

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Subaru Loves to Care

How we can help:

Join us throughout the month of June as we work with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Baystate Children’s Hospital to bring their patients a message of hope in their times of need. We know what you’re asking, how could I express my message of hope? We have pads and pens available if you would like to submit a written message at our dealership. Feel free to get creative with your message. Whether it’s a drawing, a song, or even a toothpick sculpture we’re sure it’ll put a smile on someone’s face.

Share your message of hope today

Some of our wonderful friends, family, customers, and employees have already submitted their message of hope! We’ll be accepting message submissions until the end of June so stop in soon. Visit our Facebook page to submit any video submissions. Please share this with your friends and family to spread the word.

In addition to your wonderful messages of hope Subaru of America will be providing warm blankets and children’s arts & crafts supplies to patients. Help light up someone else’s day up with your kind words today. Learn more about the Subaru Loves to Care initiative and how you can help here.

If you won’t be able to make it in to our dealership to leave your message you can always help The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and The Baystate Children’s hospital by directly donating to them. You may also click on the print button below to print your very own note card. Send your filled out note card to our Facebook page located here or to our Social Media Manager and we will be happy to submit it on your behalf!

Message of Hope

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Learn more here.

Summer Maintenance Tips
Before you pack up the family or pick up your friends for the first road trip of the summer be sure to prepare your vehicle for the many miles ahead! Be sure to contact your local dealership or repair shop for a summer maintenance check if you don’t have the time or experience to handle these on your own. If you have any questions about the information below please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. We would be more than happy to explain the process and parts required at your convenience.

You’re due for a wheel inspection

Check your wheels
One of the first rules of driving is to regularly check your tires year round. Consult your owner’s manual or sometimes directly on the door jamb or fuel door to locate your vehicle’s tire pressure. Use your hand to locate any nails, pins, glass, stones, and more from the tire’s tread. It’s also very important to look for any abnormal wear and cracks in the tire. Be sure to always have a spare tire, the required tools, and a can of Fix-A-Flat just in case.

Don’t forget to check the belts

Drive belt
Normally, your vehicle should have a serpentine belt that is run between the major engine components. Over time it can begin to make noise, loosen, deteriorate, or even break. Keep this from happening by making sure to have your technician inspect this belt during every service visit. If you or your technician see pieces missing or even cracks in the belt it may be time to replace it. Consult your technician for more information.

Swap out your wipers

Check your wipers
The summer may be fast approaching but it’s more than likely going to rain eventually, right? The last thing you want is a streak across your windshield so be sure to check your wiper blades for wear. If you think it’s time to change them, it probably is. Since they’re generally cheap you might even be able to get your local mechanic or dealership to throw it in your service for free. Be sure to contact your repair shop or dealership for more details.

Can’t live without AC

Car air conditioning
When was the last time you decided to drive on a hot summer day without the air conditioning on full blast? Since it’s pretty much essential to have air conditioning during the summer we highly advise you ask your technician to inspect the cooling system and ensure there are no leaks before paying someone to have the air conditioning system recharged. If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer feel free to head over to your local department store or auto store to pick up a leak sealing product. Always consult with your technician before trying an at-home method.

No overheating for you

Car air conditioning
We’ve all heard the horror stories of vehicles overheating on the highway and drivers desperately searching for anything to put in their reservoir. Let’s address that specific situation before it happens! While your technician is performing their multi-point inspection make sure to ask them if your coolant has been topped off. They should also perform a hose and joint check to make sure none of the components have too much wear or leaks.

Keep it topped off

Check brake fluid
With all the different colored fluids going into the engine bay it can sometimes get a little confusing. That’s why you should always have your technician top of your windshield washer, power steering, oil, and brake fluids. If you see no improvements in braking or steering you may have a more serious problem that should probably be addressed by your technician or your local dealership.

Breath easy this summer

Check your air filter
Believe or not your vehicle’s air filtration system may have the same old filter in it from when you last had a complete service checkup. It’s not standard practice for every automotive shop to check to make sure your air filters are clean. Instead of finding out when you’re having a sneezing attack in the car check for yourself! Youtube and google are great resources if you don’t feel like looking it up in your owner’s manual. These are usually very cheap and very simple to install. Keep that in mind before you pay someone else to take care of this for you.

Keep it cool

Instead of leaving your car in a hot parking lot pickup a new dash cover to help keep your interior cool and to prevent fading. Preventing the vehicle’s interior from getting too much sun or heat is essential to keep your interior looking like new. Rear seat shades can also protect your rear passengers from the ultraviolet rays. Not to mention it kind of sucks when you get into a hot car and accidentally burn yourself on the seatbelt.

Keep it clean

Car wash
Have you ever noticed when the sun is beginning to set it sometimes becomes a lot harder to see while you’re driving? This is often caused by grime buildup from lack of washing. Get your car over to your local car wash and get it cleaned. Using a quality wax can also ensure your vehicle will come out looking just like it did when you first bought it. Frequent cleanings can prevent grime buildup and streaks on your windshield.

Be prepared

Before any road trip make sure to add the essentials to your list before packing everyone up. Those include, but aren’t limited to, hats, cups, sunglasses, snacks, chargers, tool kits, flashlights and more! It may not be a bad idea to leave some water in the car in case of an emergency. Lastly, make sure your tank is full and don’t forget to make sure your driving credentials are all up to date.

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On March 6th, 2017, we sent one of our public relations representatives over to The TJ O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center in Springfield to find out more about their operation and how we could help. We were greeted with open arms and excited paws everywhere. One of the first things we noticed was just how busy the center was. Every volunteer had their hands full with an animal, a customer, or some other daily task. It was a refreshing sight to see so many passionate people in one place and doing great things in their community. For example every Tuesday and Friday the volunteers get on the center’s Facebook page to help reunite lost animals with their families. They have returned many animals back to their families through the power of social media. This type of progressive thinking is what puts The TJ O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center a notch above the rest.

The TJ O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center is always looking for new members to join their team. If you’re interested in volunteering please click here to print out one of their volunteer forms. Applicants must be 18 years or older to apply. If you are looking for other ways to help out The Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center please feel free to grab a few of these supplies and drop them off at the center at your convenience.

Thomas J. O’Connor Wish List

for the good health and comfort of the animals in their care… Can you help? (Items in serious need have been starred*)


  1. Canned dog & cat food (any brand)
    1. Beech Nut turkey or Chicken*
    2. All-meat baby food*
    3. Liquid KMR and Esbilac for tiny kittens & puppies*
    4. Spray cheese, Peanut butter, and Hot dogs
    5. Royal Canin kitten food
    6. Iams kitten food
    7. Fancy feast kitten wet food


  1. Rawhide chews, Pig ears, Bully sticks
  2. Stuffed animals
  3. Ping pong balls, cat toys
  4. Kiddy pools (Summertime wading)
  5. “Kong” toys and other heavy duty treat dispensing toys


  1. Stainless steel dishes and bowls (tip proof and any size)
  2. Bedding: Comforters, towels, and blankets (Fleece = Ultra Cool)
  3. Paper plates – plain white
  4. Clay cat litter
  5. Cat collars, plastic cat carriers
  6. Dog crates and exercise pens
  7. Nail clippers (New only – Cat and Dog sizes)
  8. Slip leads, 6′ leashes, adjustable collars (cloth – All sizes – New/Like new)
  9. Bandanas 
  10. Toothbrushes – New & inexpensive
  11. Baled timothy hay – One bale every 3 months
  12. Humane box traps (any size)
  13. Pee Pee Pads for puppies*


  1. Postage stamps
  2. Copy Paper – white and bright colors
  3. AAA Batteries
  4. 1,500 twin pocket folders
  5. File cabinets with built in file frames




  1. Laundry detergent, liquid bleach, dryer sheets
  2. Liquid hand soap, white vinegar
  3. Paper towels, facial tissues
  4. Brooms, mops, mop heads (string type), and dust pans
  5. Lint rollers and refills
  6. Air freshening sprays
  7. Dishwashing liquid and gloves
  8. Glass cleaner, multi-surface cleaners
  9. 55 Gallon contractor trash bags

GENERAL SUPPLIES (new/like new)

  1. LCD projector
  2. Cordless drill & drill bit set
  3. Vacuum cleaner – bagless
  4. Lawnmower and snow blower
  5. Bottled water
  6. Small weight scales


  1. Monetary donation to purchase…
    1. 4 Microchip scanners – $300 each
    2. Bair hugger warmer to protect from hypothermia after surgery – $1,500
    3. 20 Spay/neuter packs – $360 each
    4. Color laser printer – $1,300
    5. Cargo/mini-van in excellent condition


  1. Dave’s Soda & Pet Food City
  2. Petco
  3. Staples
  4. Walmart
  5. Big Y
  6. Home Depot
  7. Lowe’s

To find more way to help please visit the official Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center website.

On December 25th, we welcomed The Simon Foundation into our dealership with three of their lovely adoptable animals. Every person that walked through our doors was greeted with a furry friend and it sure made our customers smile! We had a number of families submit inquiries to meet with the animals at a later date to see if they family would make a good fit. The more time we had to spend with each dog the more we learned about their individual personalities. Isabelle was shy at first but once she got comfortable she quickly became the crowd favorite. The kids love that she was so willing to sniff their faces and give them a nice wet smooch. Will, on the other hand, was excited when he first arrived but quickly acclimated to his surroundings and calmed down accordingly. Finally, we have Harley who was actually the most gentle of the three dogs. We had a blast playing and learning more about each of these dogs and hopefully, we can aide them on their road to adoption. If you’re interested in any of the animals you see in the slideshow below I urge you to contact The Simon Foundation at your convenience to schedule a meet and greet with your desired animal.

If you are interested in volunteering or supporting The Simon Foundation in any way please visit their website here. To view available pets at The Simon Foundation please click here. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to receive updates on our next adoption day! Please enjoy a slideshow and video of some of our favorite moments from this month’s Adoption Day!

Meet Will, Isabelle, and Harley!

Enjoy some of our favorite moments from the event!

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We Hope to See You For Our Next Adoption Day!

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The folks over at Nissan have brought a new level of marketing to the table. Upon the release of their new TITAN XD Nissan had previewed images of their upcoming TITAN Warrior Concept which became a reality during the Detroit Auto Show. The pickup’s new aggressive design implies the truck is a go where you want type of vehicle much like the Ram Rebel or Ford Raptor.

The design team at Nissan believes even though it’s still early in the TITAN and TITAN XD’s life cycle they’re already looking for more ways to improve the overall experience of the vehicle. Much like Ram Trucks or Ford, Nissan is trying to get their share of the off-road enthusiast market.

The TITAN Warrior Concept was designed to be the next step above the production version of the TITAN XD. It’s a beefier version that features some of the same equipment like the Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel engine.

You may have heard about Project Titan, a recent program that sent two military veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project to Alaska! Tough terrain requires a tough vehicle, that’s where the TITAN Warrior design team comes into play.

The TITAN Warrior Concept design team was not about to build a new vehicle from the ground up, rather they used a familiar platform. That of the 2016 Nissan TITAN XD. This allows for expansion in the future.

The original design of the TITAN and TITAN XD was based off ancient greek mythology. Naturally, they returned to that idea and built an even more extreme and aggressive looking version of the truck.

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The idea was to maintain the TITAN XD’s standard length and wheelbase while building on the style and stance of the pickup. The height was increased from 78.7 inches to 81.5 inches to house the new 37-inch off-road tires and it all comes together with the 18×9.5-inch aluminum alloy wheels with a dark matte finish. The new suspension system featured in the TITAN Warrior Concept forced the designers to extend the width of the vehicle from 80.6 inches to 86.6 inches. These are the building blocks for the current stance of the TITAN Warrior Concept, and it’s one we enjoy very much. This truck looks good, and everyone knows it.

Although, the stance of a vehicle is important what you put on the vehicle at the end of the day is what determines if it’s going to sell. The design team at Nissan decided every great warrior has a set of armor and so, the TITAN Warrior Concept was born. The armor isn’t exactly armor. It won’t stop bullets, explosives, or even a deer but we can tell you it looks pretty cool either way. The modern armor look combined with the height increase highlights all the changes our customers have been looking for in their off-road solutions.

Surely, at this point, you have noticed a few more changes that have yet to be mentioned like the new grille, rear fenders, hood, skidplates, LED lights, quad-tipped exhaust system, carbon fiber rear cab spoiler, tailgate spoilers, and roof mounted LED lights. All these changes and more come together to create the most aggressive and capable pickup truck Nissan has ever produced.

When you look at many other off-road vehicles you will notice their interior has been gutted. Everything from rear seats to window motors has been removed to lower the weight of the vehicle. That is not the case with the TITAN Warrior Concept. The performance based interior focuses on off-road safety, comfort, and of course style. It’s like driving in a Maybach that can drive up the side of a mountain. The consumer’s use of the vehicle is assumed to be that of an off-road enthusiast but that doesn’t mean the TITAN Warrior Concept wasn’t meant to be a daily driver. Nissan hopes to please both types of customers with their new concept.

The TITAN Warrior Concept shares the same platform, engine, and automatic transmission as the TITAN XD. The real difference between the two is found underneath the vehicle. The new custom suspension has been modified from the ground up to make it feel like you are driving in your very own racing truck.

If you can’t wait for the Nissan TITAN Warrior Concept to become a reality then we urge you to come visit us in Auburn and take one of our many Nissan TITAN or TITAN XD’s out for a test drive.

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The brand-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica was just named the 2017 North American Utility of the Year by a panel of experts. We first found out during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Some experts are saying this is one of the most prestigious awards you can win, especially in this class.

Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Car Brands, Dodge, SRT, FIAT, FCA, and Chrysler believes that they had the formula for a perfect minivan but if it weren’t for loyal customers and professional opinions, we wouldn’t be driving an award-winning mini-van today.

Believe it or not, this is the 24th year of the awards and only the second time ever that a minivan has won an award from the North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year jury.

Innovation isn’t new to the folks at FCA US in fact, they actually have over 100 innovations in this segment alone including the industry’s first minivan available as a Hybrid Electric vehicle.

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica has boldened the minivan segment with its massive amount of functionality, technology, and styling. The Pacifica was completely redesigned from the ground up on a brand-new platform. Not only is the Pacifica a class leader in fuel economy but it also features well over 100 available safety and security features. If you are in the market for a no-compromise vehicle suited for your whole family, look no further than the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.

The Pacifica Hybrid takes this revolutionary vehicle a step further with its class-exclusive, innovative advanced and class-exclusive hybrid powertrain. It’s the first electrified vehicle in the minivan segment and achieves 84 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) in electric-only mode and 33 miles of all-electric range.

As if it needed anything else added to its resume, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid boasts 84 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) in electric-only mode and up to 33 miles of all-electric range.

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