Subaru is refreshing its mid-size sedan for the year 2023 with a sharper front end, a fresh grille, headlights, and bumper. The sport trim will gain the 260-hp 2.4 liter turbocharged flat-four engine standard. Sales will start this fall; no pricing has been released.

The current Legacy model has been on sale for three years but will receive a fresh look for the 2023 model year. The new Legacy will get revised front-end styling, the latest driver assistance technology and the Sport trim will come with a more powerful turbocharged 2.4-liter engine.

Most obvious will be the changes to the front-end, adding a new trim piece to the grille that will span nearly the width of the car linking the intricate LED headlights. The grille has also got larger, and the front bumper has redesigned fog-lamp housing. The rear end of the 2023 Legacy will remain unchanged.

The 2023 Legacy Sport now comes standard with a 260-hp 2.4-liter turbocharged flat-four, which will be replacing the base engine, the 182-hp 2.5-liter flat-four. Putting more sportiness into the Sport trim. Before the Sport received the upgraded engine, the Legacy took 8.0 seconds to hit 60 MPH, while the turbocharged model hit 60 MPH in 6.1 seconds. The sports model can be noticed by a red accent in the vehicle’s grille, magnetite grey side mirrors, truck spoiler, 18-inch wheels, and two-tone cloth interior with red stitching. The sports trim will also include “sport tuned” suspension.

As before with the current Legacy model, the 2023 Legacy will come standard with Subaru’s Eyesight driver-assistance technology, which includes automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and lane-keeping assist. While other models will also include automatic emergency steering, helping prevent crashes with objects at speeds below 50MPH.

The Sport as well as the Touring XT models will gain a standard 360-degree heated steering wheel, and the interior of the Touring XT trim will now come with Slate Black nappa leather seats with silver stitching, as well as other trim enhancements. The 11.6 touchscreen also comes with wireless Apple Car play and Android Auto as standard. The 2023 Subaru Legacy will hit dealerships this fall, and pricing details should be revealed closer to the on-sale date.

This will be the first time Jeep has offered the exterior color on the Wrangler.

Various shades of boring remain the most popular paint colors for new cars, including black and white. Jeep makes selecting one of those colors difficult by offering customers a range of bold color choices that have only increased over the years. Joining the brand’s color palette is Gobi tan, which Jeep will offer on both the 2022 Wrangler and Gladiator.

Jeep first offered the Gobi color for the Gladiator’s first model year, and it’s returning to the Gladiator for 2022. However, this will be the first time that Jeep has offered the color on the Wrangler, which gives customers even more choices when customizing their new Jeep.

Gobi tan will be the fifth special-edition color Jeep has to offer on the current Gladiator and Wrangler models. Other special-edition colors include Chief Blue, Gecko Green, Nacho Orange, and Tuscadero Pink.

Jeep is offering this new color now through June 2022, so customers will want to act fast to secure their new Jeep Gladiator or Wrangler in Gobi. The Jeep brand will offer Gobi across both models’ lineups, which includes the hybrid 4xe and the Wrangler 392. Upgrading your paint to Gobi will add an additional $495 to the price tag, which is $100 more expensive than other colors such as Tuscadero Pink.

The new color option is one of many updates Jeep is making to both models for 2022. Pricing starts at $35,610 for the 2022 Gladiator and $29,725 for the 2022 Wrangler. Gobi Tan may not be as eye-catching or exciting as some of the other Jeep special-edition colors, but it isn’t that common and fits into Jeep’s off-road aesthetics.

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In 2018, there were reports of more than 700,000 vehicle theft incidents. Generally, vehicles that have something valuable inside them are more likely to be broken into. But there should be a way to prevent these incidents. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of window tinting. We will shed some light on the benefits of this approach for your vehicles. Read on to find out more.

1. Blocking the UV Rays

The ultraviolet rays from the Sun are a type of electromagnetic radiation. Long-term exposure to UV radiation may cause skin burns and symptoms of aging. At the same time, ultraviolet rays may also lead to different types of skin cancers.

If you have your car windows tinted, you can prevent ultraviolet rays from causing damage to your skin. The good news is that tinted windows can block almost all of the UV radiation. Therefore, you can stay safe inside your car even if you drive for hours on a daily basis.

2. Protection in case of an Accident

Although nobody wants to have a car accident, these unfortunate events happen on a daily basis. Shattered glasses are one of the most common causes of injury in these accidents. Car windows tend to shatter when something hard hits them.

Therefore, you can benefit from having your car windows tinted. The thin film in the glass prevents your car window from being shattered into pieces. Therefore, you can be on the safe side in case of a car accident.

3. Protected Upholstery

Apart from damaging your skin, ultraviolet rays from the Sun can negatively impact other objects inside your car. For instance, furniture items tend to develop a faded color with the passage of time. The same is true about car upholstery.

If you have had your car modified recently, we suggest that you go for window tinting in order to protect your new upholstery.

4. Protection from Solar Heat

The sun produces ultraviolet radiation. Apart from this, sunlight can produce a lot of heat inside your car on hot summer days. Therefore, you will be forced to use the air conditioner more frequently. As a result, the performance of your car will go down, which will increase the fuel consumption as well.

The good thing about window tinting is that it can protect your car against Solar heat. As a matter of fact, this approach can help insulate your car, which will keep your vehicle cool on hot summer days. Therefore, when you get in your car, you will not have to turn on the air conditioner.

5. Safer Driving Experience

As far as window tinting is concerned, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. Another great benefit is that you won’t have to deal with that annoying glare while driving in the direction of the sun. This will prevent the need to put on glasses every time you sit behind the wheel. As a matter of fact, glare can negatively impact your driving experience and you will be more likely to have an accident.

In short, this was the description of some common benefits of window tinting.

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What Is Subaru EyeSight?

Subaru says EyeSight acts as an additional pair of eyes that detect accidents before they happen assisting in preventing them.

These additional “eyes” are two cameras mounted on the windshield on either side of the inside mirror. The visual images as well as other data from the cameras are processed by the vehicle dynamics control modules, engine control and transmission control. This determines when and how to intervene through advanced driver-assistance systems offered by Subaru. This includes precollision braking, precollision throttle management, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and lane keep assist and sway.

EyeSight can detect speed differences with other vehicles up to 30 mph, pedestrian detection and brings the vehicle to a full stop to prevent a collision. The lane assist feature will steer a vehicle back into a lane if EyeSight senses it is drifting across lane markers.

Subaru Eyesight History

Eyesight made its debut back in 2013 as an option on the Outback and Legacy with black-and-white cameras. And was updated for the 2015 model year with color cameras and brake light detection. In 2015 distance detection was increased to 365 feet for a wider detection range. Eyesight has also been modified to work with Subaru’s advanced adaptive cruise control.

EyeSight is standard on the 2021 Ascent, Forester, Legacy and Outback, and included on other models that are equipped with a CVT (continuously variable automatic transmission).

Are you thinking of buying a new car? Try buying a Jeep. You don’t know anything about Jeeps? Let’s discuss and find out more about it together. There are numerous models of Jeeps available nowadays. So, with a bit of help you’ll manage to find the right model of Jeep for you. Let’s start by checking the features and options available.


Among other reasons, a Jeep is a very dependable and reliable vehicle. Most of the vehicles in this category are built to resist rough roads and dangerous weather. And even those drivers that are not particularly created for off-road still have the power to take on the rough terrain. The features and suspension will manage to keep this vehicle going for a long time. So, if you are ever forced to face a rough trail or bad weather, you can count on your Jeep to get you through.


There are various models in the Jeep lineup. Some of the most popular ones are the Grand Cherokee, Compass, and Wrangler. You might discover that some Jeep models are superior at doing somethings than others. For instance, the Wrangler is a great vehicle to use when you want to go explore or have some fun on the dunes. This vehicle is strong enough to handle that and more. However, if you are looking for luxury go with the Grand Cherokee L. The Compass is a great family vehicle, which offers wider space and more practical features.


With a Jeep you’ll not only get a good price, but you’ll also be purchasing a great vehicle. Both dealer and manufacturer incentives will help when wanting to cut down the costs. Feel free to compare these cars with others. When it comes to gas consumption, Jeeps are very fuel-efficient for their category. In addition to this, they have a longer life span, and they can be resold at higher prices.

The Decision

If you’ve decided to purchase a new Jeep, go ahead and do it! What can be better than purchasing a vehicle that is as adaptable as you need it to be? To clear out any doubt, take a Jeep for a test drive and check for yourself if it meets your needs or not. You will surely be impressed with the Jeep lineup of vehicles!

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8 Steps To Buy A Used Car

If you are going to purchase a car for the first time, it can be a difficult task for you. For most people, buying a car is a big purchase. Therefore, you may want to be careful, especially if you are going to consider a used car. Given below are a few steps that you may want to take before making this purchase. Read on to find out more.

Step 1: Set your Budget

First of all, you may want to set your budget. This will help you to create a list of vehicles that fall in your budget range. This step is quite important, which is why you may want to finalize this step after a lot of homework.

Step 2: Do your Research

While you are doing your homework, make sure you don’t rely on your emotions. Instead, you may want to you decide on the features you want in the vehicle. Apart from this, you may want to consider other factors, such as maintenance costs, mileage, replacement parts value and availability, and other relevant factors.

Step 3: Create a list of Vehicles

Now, you should search for the available cars online and contact the owners. Afterward, you should consult an expert or friend for a deeper insight into the type of used cars that can meet your needs.

Step 4: Have the Car Inspected

As soon as you have decided on a car, you may want to contact a trusted mechanic to have it inspected. The inspection service will perform a physical inspection of the vehicle to help you get a much better idea of the physical condition of the vehicle. They will check the vehicle for any noise, especially the noise coming from the engine bay. Apart from this, they will try to find out if the car was involved in an accident.

Step 5: Take a Test Drive

If you are satisfied with the steps given above, you should go for a test drive to ensure the car is exactly what you are looking for. A few kilometers of a test drive can help you find out if you should buy this car or continue your research.

Step 6: Payment Method

If you are happy with the car, you should go ahead and make the payment. It is much better that you pay through a bank so that the record of the transaction could be maintained for legal purposes.

Step 7: Ownership Transfer

Once you have parked the vehicle in your garage, know that the process is still incomplete. It will only be considered complete after the vehicle has been transferred under your name through a legal process. You just can’t drive a vehicle on an open letter.

Step 8: Change Engine Oil, Air Filter and Tire

Before you take your vehicle on a long drive, make sure you change the engine oil, tires and air filter if needed.

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The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee has many new additions to keep the ten-year-old model fresh. For 2021, FCA added new trim options, electronics, wheels, colors and upgraded packages. The 80th Anniversary Edition which is based on the top-end Limited model will also be available in 2021. Which comes with unique exterior & interior upgrades.

Seven trims will be available for the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee, including the base Laredo, Limited, Trailhawk, Overland, Summit, SRT and Trackhawk. The same engine and transmission choices remain, as do the numerous 4X4/AWD systems.

The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee 80th Anniversary Edition which is based on Limited trim includes leather seats with Light Tungsten interior accents, 18-inch wheels with Granite Crystal finish and commemorative exterior badging. The Grand Cherokee 80th Anniversary Edition also includes ProTech II Package as standard equipment. And it features Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking, Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go, LaneSense Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist, rain-sensing windshield wipers and Advanced Brake Assist.

The base Grand Cherokee Laredo model will feature standard 18-inch painted machine cast-aluminum wheels. One step up brings the 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen with navigation, power liftgate, vinyl/suede interior, remote start, heated front seats and a heated leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The new Sun and Sound Package available on Grand Cherokee Limited includes a dual-pane sunroof and nine-speaker sound system. The Limited X model, includes gloss black exterior details.

Available Exterior Colors for 2021 include Bright White, Diamond Black, Billet Silver, Granite Crystal, Sting Gray, Walnut Brown, Velvet Red, Slate Blue, Sangria, Ivory Pearl Tri-Coat.
Interior colors include Black, Black/Light Frost Beige and Indigo/Ski Gray which is exclusive to the Summit.

The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee will be available later this year. Visit for more information.

By Mike Jones

Purchasing a car requires a lot of prior planning. If as the consumer, you are aware of your budget constraints, and all goes well and you find your dream car in the desired budget, there is no better feeling. But one does not have to give up on your car because of limited financial options. There are many options to explore. Here are just a few of them.

  • A personal loan: A personal loan is the cheapest way to buy a car. However, this means having a good credit score. If this need is met, then any bank or finance lender will be able to give a loan. Make sure that valuable assets are not secured against this loan. This is an unnecessary risk.
  • Cash purchase: Cash purchase is just like it sounds. This is where you pay cash for the purchase. This could be sourced from a personal savings or checking account. This could also be as a result of money received through a settlement or even a retirement account. The advantage here, of course, I there would be no debt or accrued interest. A cash purchase is generally the least expensive way to go.
  • Personal contract purchase: In this agreement, the buyer makes lower monthly payments. However, the total cost paid back at the end of the period will be higher than the original cost. Here, as opposed to getting a loan on the entire value of the car, a loan can be borrowed for the face value of the car at the time of purchase Vs face value at the end of the period.
  • Credit card purchase: Credit card purchase is the safest way to purchase a car. This is because it comes with more security. As long as the payments are met, there will be no issues here.
  • Leasing: The last option is to lease the car. The manufacturer is paid a monthly cost for the car inclusive of maintenance costs. A ceiling of mileage usage is decided. At the end of the lease period, the car is returned to the dealer. The ownership remains with the manufacturer. This option only makes sense for short-term requirements.

It is always good to discuss finance options with car dealers and your bank before purchasing a car. Always analyze all the options before arriving at a decision. This way you are armed with the best options available to you based on your specific situation.

My name is Mike Jones and I am a car sales expert. For more information like this be sure to visit me at

Here you will find additional resources and information related to the automotive industry. Remember, when it comes to the best car buying experience, “You Gotta Guy!”

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Top Jeep Off Road Modifications by Hanna Serrano

Are you a owner? This model, as we know, is already attractive and functional sans any upgrade. But it definitely won’t hurt to add some mods to make it more off-road worthy.

Here are some of the upgrades that you can consider purchasing for your :

The weather can be very much unpredictable when you go off-roading. Protect yourself from the blazing heat of the sun or shield yourself against the rain by installing either a soft top or a hard top. A soft top is usually made of a heavy duty fabric or vinyl. While a hard top is usually made of fiberglass.

Winches are also popular when it comes to Jeep owners. This functional upgrade can be used in recovering a stuck vehicle and to tow a helpless vehicle home.
Mud tires. This upgrade can definitely give a Jeep an aggressive look. This type of tires allows off-road enthusiasts to handle better in harsh road conditions. However, it is usually more expensive than your regular tires.

Performance suspensions are also a must-have when you want to take your Jeep off-roading. Though Jeeps are typically outfitted with tough suspensions, it won’t hurt to replace it with heavy duty shocks, struts, and suspension lift kits.

Air Intakes/Snorkels are also essential to Jeep owners. This type of mod can definitely boost your Jeep’s performance by improving its airflow. Snorkels also allow your rig to wade through deep waters without stalling.

Nerf bars are also a must-have. This exterior upgrade allows passengers to easily get in and out of the vehicle, particularly those outfitted with lift kits.

Brush guards and fender flares are also two of the most popular Jeep upgrades. A brush guard provides added protection to your rig’s front end. It can also be used to mount off-road lights and winches. While fender flares protect the sides of the vehicle from harsh elements like mud and other debris.

Skid plates are also essential to Jeep owners. This metal plate cover serves as undercarriage protection from tough road elements such as rock, sand, and mud.
Performance chips are also a popular Jeep upgrade. This engine mod is proven to boost the horsepower and fuel efficiency of a vehicle.

It won’t be difficult to boost the appearance and performance of a Jeep. As I have said earlier, this type of vehicle is known to be tough and efficient without any upgrades to it.

For more Jeep off-road tips, articles, modifications and parts, check out Jeep section of

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Every year around this time we always have so much to cover but this year is special. This year Nissan revealed their Xmotion Concept, an earth-shattering compact SUV, further increasing their hold on the SUV market. Here’s everything you need to know.

The six-passenger, three-row concept takes the modern looks from Japanese culture and fuses them with American-like craftsmanship. It’s a perfect blend of the western and eastern cultures it draws inspiration from. Inside the Xmotion is where the magic happens. At first glance, you may think it’s a little over the top, but we can assure you that the Xmotion’s design was no accident. Every aspect of the design has a purpose.

The Xmotion concept may look a little over the top at first, but like we previously said, everything in this vehicle has a purpose. The futuristic-looking exterior features headlamps shaped like the letter U, and can we talk about that grill? We love where the design is going and would like to see these changes in next year’s lineup.

It’s riding on massive 21-inch aluminum alloy wheels with some pretty rugged looking tires. The aggressive design of the wheels and tires contrast the futuristic design of the exterior perfectly. In addition to the good looks, the Xmotion concept features a retractable roof used to create more storage space while on the road.

When you first step into the Xmotion concept you may notice the three-rows of seating. This is Nissan’s new “4+2” layout, which features side by side seating rather than bench seating like most vehicles built today. This is all thanks to the Xmotion’s long wheelbase and location of the wheels and tires. You may have noticed just how far they have been pushed into each corner of the vehicle. Like we said before everything has a purpose in the Xmotion concept.

[rev_slider Nissan_Xmotion]

When was the last time you saw real wood in a Nissan? The Xmotion concept has raised the bar and given us expectations to meet come the near future. The center console features a traditional Japanese wood joinery technique called kanawa tsugi. It’s often found in religious shrines and temples. The instrument cluster design is based on another traditional wood joinery called kigumi. The design offers a feeling of safety, the structure feels and looks robust and sturdy.

Inside the Xmotion are seven screens. No matter where you’re looking there’s probably a screen not too far. This includes multiple screens in the instrument cluster, as well as screens in the ceiling, and center console display. Here’s the kicker, you can control the infotainment system and other displays with eye movements, gestures, and voice commands. The folks over at Nissan want you to focus on driving, that means every feature needs to be safely accessible while you’re driving 75 Mph on the freeway. In addition to controlling your car with simple eye movements and gestures you can also used the advanced graphical user interface to make changes while on the road. We’ll have an opportunity to learn more about the capabilities of the Xmotion the further we get into the NAIAS.

Learn more about Nissan‘s vision below.

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