Bertera automotive training accidents 101
Fender benders are the absolute worst but being prepared for one is the exact opposite! Getting into a car accident is a scary experience, especially for new drivers. That is why it’s important to try your best to remain calm while the authorities handle the situation. Thankfully you can be prepared for the worst! Follow these simple tips to cover yourself in case of an accident.

1) Do not leave the accident.
There are no circumstances in which you should flee the scene of an accident. Should your vehicle create a safety hazard, or if you’re concerned about the safety of yourself or others, move your vehicle off the road or to a safer place. Be sure to drive extremely safe and apply your hazard lights when moving a vehicle that has been in an accident.

2) Make sure there are no injuries.
If injuries are present on anyone involved in the accident, contact an ambulance and make sure that the people involved receive proper medical attention. Unless you are qualified to perform first aid or a medical treatment do not try to do so.

3) Contact the police and follow any instructions they may provide.
When contacting the police try to remain calm and provide as much information as possible. Should they provide instructions make sure you follow them exactly as described as they may help protect you in the long run.

4) Do not admit fault. Do not blame the other driver even it is completely their fault. Avoid arguments at all costs.
Arguments can drastically escalate a situation. The goal after a car accident is to remain calm and to make sure everyone is ok.

5) Collect the name, address, and contact info of any and all witnesses.
When it comes time to report to your insurance company or appear in court you may be asked if there were any witnesses. Should you collect their contact information you won’t have to worry about locating the witnesses after the event.

6) Do not talk to anyone about the accident except for the safety officials (Police, Ambulance, Firefighters, etc.)
It is very important to watch what you say and who you say it to after a car accident. Be sure to only express details about the car accident with safety officials.

7) Do not make a false settlement, or lie to avoid contacting the police or insurance company.
To ensure the car accident is handled appropriately it is extremely important to make sure the police and insurance company know exactly what happened.

8) The police will take your report of the accident, it is essential that you provide as many details as possible to the officer.
While you are still at the scene of the car accident the memories will most likely still be fresh in your head. Be sure to follow any instructions the police officer may provide.

9) Double check to make sure the police report contains the following:
• Name(s) of those involved
• Address(s) of those involved
• Time
• Phone number(s) of those involved
• Make of vehicle(s) involved
• License number(s) of the other driver(s) and all passengers.

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