FIAT 500 Goes Home FREE With This Test Driver
We have all test driven a car and wished we could simply drive it home and park it right in our driveway. Believe it or not that is what actually happened to Chinyere, a resident in Miami, Florida. The young lady was simply looking to test drive a new FIAT and little did she know she would experience the prank of a lifetime. Watch the video below for the full story!

The best part of the video is seeing Chinyere’s face after the test drive. She has the funniest face on after spending the last half of the test drive trying to understand the salesman in the vehicle with her. She then discovers that she is the owner of a brand new FIAT! You can tell she was excited by the pitch of her shrieks when she is informed. How would you react if you were in Chinyere’s shoes? Leave a comment below!

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