_2016 car seat checkpoint Feb

February 7th marked our second official car seat checkpoint of 2016! We had a great time and a whole lot of people interested in having their car seats inspected. We offer this service once a month to anyone interested for free! If you are interested in participating please click here. The cars started rolling in at one o’clock on the dot and everyone was eager to get started. We begin our inspections by pulling the vehicle into our service bay and inspecting the outside of the vehicle. Once the vehicle inspection has been completed we take the age and size of the children before deciding which type of car seats should be installed. For more information on different types of car seats please click here. After the car seat has been selected we map out the best possible place to install the seats. Next, the children’s guardians watch and install the car seat under the watchful eye of our certified instructors. Finally, we make sure the children’s guardians can both install and uninstall the car seat.

If you are interested in volunteering or participating in one of our next checkpoint please click here for more information. To find an inspection station near you please click here

Be sure to check out some of our favorite moments from our last checkpoint below!

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