Prepare your car for momma nature

By this time last year we already had a few feet of snow on the ground. For motorists, that might imply some difficult and unsafe driving conditions.

Be prepared for winter season driving by taking your automobile to a qualified vehicle technician, like those at a Bertera Service Center. An automobile examination will make sure that the engine, battery, exhaust system, heating and defrosting systems are all in good working order, and will see to it that the automobile’s main fluids are at the right levels.

If you are on the road when mother nature strikes, there are things you can do to remain safe. Initially, decrease your speed, taking it sluggish offers you more time to stop and enhances tire traction.

Never ever pump the brake pedal on a car with an anti-lock brake system (ABS), given that the system itself “pumps” the brakes immediately. ABS is created to enable you to continue to steer the vehicle while in a panic by not permitting the wheels to lock up.

In addition, attire your automobile with the right tires during the winter season. Winter tires are technologically advanced to deal with extreme winter season driving conditions.

Winter season tires have tread patterns and compounds that decrease the danger of slipping. Deeper treads on winter season tires permit the tires to dig into the snow and propel your car through it.

Don’t forget to examine your tire pressure weekly during the cooler months. As outside temperatures drop, the air pressure inside a tire decreases. When the automobile has been driven less than a mile or has not moved in more than three hours, check your tires.

By following these basic steps you will be better prepared when Mother Nature strikes.

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