Just how bad are pot holes for my car

It has finally started to warm up here in the valley! With all the melting of the snow and ice all of those pesky pot holes are starting to pop up. Some of them are easily avoided while others we really cannot do much about. Whether you hit every pot hole or not we want to know, how bad are pot holes for my car?

Signs of pot hole damage.New tire next to worn tire

Pot holes can cause a whole heap of damage to multiple parts of your vehicle. Hitting a rather large pot hole can damage the tire pretty badly, especially if it is worn. Tire damage is not the only thing affected by hitting a large pot hole, you must also worry about your vehicle’s wheel alignment. Alignment issues occur over time, meaning you most likely have driven over more than a few pot holes at this point. Your wheel alignment is what keeps your wheels pointing in one direction. Misaligned wheels can cause excess fuel usage, and rapid tire deterioration. Here are a few indicators that you may notice if your wheels are out of alignment:

Your vehicle sways in one direction while driving. This will feel like a maxresdefaultsmall tug on the steering wheel, almost like the vehicle is lightly drifting in one direction.
If you are driving in a straight line and your steering wheel is at an angle or a little off-center it may be time to consider a wheel alignment.
One side of the tire tread is much more worn down than the other. Unevenly worn tires are a blatant indicator of a misaligned vehicle.
Your vehicle shakes and vibrates at higher speeds.

Making sure our customers are safe on the road is one of our main focuses here at Bertera Mitsubishi in West Springfield. If your vehicle is suffering from any of these indicators then you may want to consider a wheel alignment. If you are not sure whether you need a wheel alignment or not schedule a service appointment with one of our experienced and certified technicians today!

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