• When should I get a tune-up?

       Does Your Car Need a Tune-up?A couple of years have passed since you had your Subaru tuned up. But is it really running smoothly? As you drive each day, observe any changes in its performance. There may be good reasons to get a tune-up sooner than you think.If you are used to do-it-yourself maintenance, some of today's computerized controls may not make possible problems as obvious to you as they were in the past. That's why preventative diagnosis is so important to keep your [...]
  • SUV and Wagon Performance in Snow • Consumer Reports

    Consumer Reports asked their subscribers to rate their everyday vehicles' performance in snowy weather. The results from the survey revealed that some AWD and 4WD systems have an advantage over others. The list below is based on 47,982 subscriber ratings Consumer Reports collected from drivers who didn't change to winter tires on at least six snowy days during the winter of 2014 - 2015 and drive a car manufactured between 2012 and 2015. Snow traction (best listed first) Rank Make & [...]
  • The Fill-A-FIAT Event is Almost Here!

      • October 12 - 19 • We have partnered up with The Springfield Rescue Mission to create the Bertera Fill-A-FIAT Event! Help keep someone less fortunate warm this Winter. Stop at our Bertera Fiat location or by the Springfield Rescue Mission to drop off your gently used and clean coats! What are you accepting? We will be accepting clean and usable winter coats and jackets in ANY size. (Especially children's coats!) At this time we're only accepting coats but if you have other [...]
  • Bon voyage Nylin!

    On August 31st, 2015 we had the pleasure of hosting a going away party for our good friend Nylin. It all began when Nylin entered her party on a pink carpet while the party goers made sure she was covered in confetti along with most of the sales floor. After her photo shoot with her baked goods and going away gifts Nylin was kind enough to thank everyone for attending her party. To top it off immediately after she started delivering slices of cake to each party goer individually. We were [...]
  • A Big Thank You From A Loyal Customer!

    Recently one of our loyal customers was involved in a car accident. Thankfully their Subaru was capable of handling the situation and saved the life of it's driver. We're glad to see our friend and loyal customer is doing better. Displayed below are some of the images taken after the accident and a small message that was included with the images. (function ($){ $( document ).ready(function(){if( $( '#carousel_4n5A7D' ).length ){ $( '#carousel_4n5A7D' ).carousel( {interval: false,pause [...]

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