As snow storm Jonas approaches the east coast many residents are flooding the supermarkets and department stores in preparation. Make sure you and your family are safe this weekend by staying ahead of the game and preparing for Jonas.

First, preparing your vehicle, home, and family for the storm is essential.
• If your home runs on electric heating make sure you have plenty of blankets for everyone.
• Have your vehicle ‘Winterized’ and make sure you have over half a tank of gas to prevent your gas line from freezing. For more information on ‘Winterizing’ your vehicle click here.
• Make sure the fridge and cabinets have enough food for the weekend. (NOTE: Power loss can be common during snow storms, be sure to keep your refrigerator closed during that time to prevent food from spoiling, or better yet leave the goods outside in the snow!)
• Keep the water running if your home loses heat. This will help prevent the pipes from freezing. You only need the faucet to drip to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Second, What Do I Need?
• Batteries and flashlights are essential items. An alternative would be a power bank and your cellphone flashlight.
• If you do not have jumper cables in your vehicle be sure to purchase a pair. The cold weather is tough on car batteries, that is why it’s essential to have a pair of jumper cables in your vehicle at all times.
• Get yourself some ice/snow melt and a way to clear the snow, whether it be a plow, snowblower, or shovels.
• Purchase a portable power bank to keep everyone’s electronics charged.

Third, Avoid the following.
• If you have a portable generator be sure to have it running OUTSIDE the house and away from the doors and windows to avoid Carbon monoxide from entering the house.
• Grills and camping stoves should be used outdoors only.

Click here to download and print a Winter Storm Preparation Checklist.

Snow storm Jonas is a slow moving storm. It’s currently on its way up to the northeast. The storm should arrive in full force in Western Mass. by Saturday. The image below displays what Snow storm Jonas should look like when it has completely reached Western Mass. For more information on Snow storm Jonas visit


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