Looking For More Farm Hands!

Last month we were given the opportunity to sponsor a class’ trip to The Red Gate Farm and we couldn’t resist the opportunity! The students from Bowles Elementary School in Springfield had a blast working on the farm. During their visit, they were given the opportunity to participate in a number of activities on the farm including maintaining crops and caring for the farm animals.
The entire class we sponsored received T-shirts during their overnight stay! We genuinely couldn’t be happier to have been given the opportunity to help our community like this.If you’re a local business looking to sponsor a class of your own please feel free to contact Red Gate Farm to learn more! Check out the video below to see what type of activities the kids will be participating in during their visit.

Learn more about what goes on at The Red Gate Farm by visiting their official website. Check out WWLP 22 News’ coverage of the Farm here

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