The folks over at Nissan have brought a new level of marketing to the table. Upon the release of their new TITAN XD Nissan had previewed images of their upcoming TITAN Warrior Concept which became a reality during the Detroit Auto Show. The pickup’s new aggressive design implies the truck is a go where you want type of vehicle much like the Ram Rebel or Ford Raptor.

The design team at Nissan believes even though it’s still early in the TITAN and TITAN XD’s life cycle they’re already looking for more ways to improve the overall experience of the vehicle. Much like Ram Trucks or Ford, Nissan is trying to get their share of the off-road enthusiast market.

The TITAN Warrior Concept was designed to be the next step above the production version of the TITAN XD. It’s a beefier version that features some of the same equipment like the Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel engine.

You may have heard about Project Titan, a recent program that sent two military veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project to Alaska! Tough terrain requires a tough vehicle, that’s where the TITAN Warrior design team comes into play.

The TITAN Warrior Concept design team was not about to build a new vehicle from the ground up, rather they used a familiar platform. That of the 2016 Nissan TITAN XD. This allows for expansion in the future.

The original design of the TITAN and TITAN XD was based off ancient greek mythology. Naturally, they returned to that idea and built an even more extreme and aggressive looking version of the truck.

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The idea was to maintain the TITAN XD’s standard length and wheelbase while building on the style and stance of the pickup. The height was increased from 78.7 inches to 81.5 inches to house the new 37-inch off-road tires and it all comes together with the 18×9.5-inch aluminum alloy wheels with a dark matte finish. The new suspension system featured in the TITAN Warrior Concept forced the designers to extend the width of the vehicle from 80.6 inches to 86.6 inches. These are the building blocks for the current stance of the TITAN Warrior Concept, and it’s one we enjoy very much. This truck looks good, and everyone knows it.

Although, the stance of a vehicle is important what you put on the vehicle at the end of the day is what determines if it’s going to sell. The design team at Nissan decided every great warrior has a set of armor and so, the TITAN Warrior Concept was born. The armor isn’t exactly armor. It won’t stop bullets, explosives, or even a deer but we can tell you it looks pretty cool either way. The modern armor look combined with the height increase highlights all the changes our customers have been looking for in their off-road solutions.

Surely, at this point, you have noticed a few more changes that have yet to be mentioned like the new grille, rear fenders, hood, skidplates, LED lights, quad-tipped exhaust system, carbon fiber rear cab spoiler, tailgate spoilers, and roof mounted LED lights. All these changes and more come together to create the most aggressive and capable pickup truck Nissan has ever produced.

When you look at many other off-road vehicles you will notice their interior has been gutted. Everything from rear seats to window motors has been removed to lower the weight of the vehicle. That is not the case with the TITAN Warrior Concept. The performance based interior focuses on off-road safety, comfort, and of course style. It’s like driving in a Maybach that can drive up the side of a mountain. The consumer’s use of the vehicle is assumed to be that of an off-road enthusiast but that doesn’t mean the TITAN Warrior Concept wasn’t meant to be a daily driver. Nissan hopes to please both types of customers with their new concept.

The TITAN Warrior Concept shares the same platform, engine, and automatic transmission as the TITAN XD. The real difference between the two is found underneath the vehicle. The new custom suspension has been modified from the ground up to make it feel like you are driving in your very own racing truck.

If you can’t wait for the Nissan TITAN Warrior Concept to become a reality then we urge you to come visit us in Auburn and take one of our many Nissan TITAN or TITAN XD’s out for a test drive.

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