We were recently invited to the Springfield Rescue Mission, located on 10 Mill St. in Springfield, for a tour of their new facility. We were initially greeted by a dining hall of happy faces. Many of the residents went out of their way to introduce themselves which really was an awakening experience. After speaking with a number of the residents we soon realized that all of these men are down on their luck and are desperately working to become viable members of society once again. Life can be hard but it’s always moving forward, some people just lose their path and need a little nudge into the right direction. We are very proud of the work The Springfield Rescue Mission is doing and we will work hard to continue to support them in their ventures.

The Springfield Rescue Mission isn’t just a shelter that accepts people for the night. They offer so much more than just their emergency shelter which many people aren’t aware of. Some programs offered by The Springfield Rescue Mission include their rehabilitation program and their transitional living program. These programs aim to get men off the street and into the doors of the Springfield Rescue Mission where they will undergo numerous introductory exams and interviews to craft the best curriculum for them. You read that correctly, in order to gain access to The Springfield Rescue Mission’s exclusive programs you must complete basic computer literacy, English, math and budget counseling courses to make sure you’re ready for reentry into society. A new entry into the Emergency Shelter will receive a shower, basic toiletries, a meal, and a bed for the night. Keep in mind that their Emergency Shelter can only house 43 men a night and isn’t by any means a permanent residence.

With the move to their new location The Springfield Rescue Mission is able to offer free breakfast open to the public from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM 6 days out of the week. This is partly due to the increased size of their new kitchen and dining hall. They can now fit over 100 people in their dining hall! The kitchen is run by a team of residents and volunteers who are able to provide free nutritious meals to people who come to the shelter. There is also the Operation SONshine outreach program, which allows volunteers to stop at 7 locations and distribute free food to people in low-income areas.

At the moment the Springfield Rescue Mission is able to sleep 60 people. Every resident is assigned a Chaplin and they will work together to complete the program at a comfortable pace. Each Chaplin is generally assigned 6 men to work with, so as you can imagine things can get pretty busy.

The Give-Away center at the Springfield Rescue Mission is always looking for donations to keep their shelves stocked. You can find many of the supplies that are currently in need below:
•Winter Coats (Men, Women, and Children)
•Gently used clothing (Men, Women, and Children)
•New Underwear & Socks (Men, Women, and Children)
•Please contact the Springfield Rescue Mission for more information on needed materials.
Note: If you would like to use the Give Away Center at The Springfield Rescue Mission you must book an appointment first. To book an appointment give the mission a call at (413) 732-0808 ext. 121 and please bring a photo ID.

All of these services are here to help men, women, and children enter society with the best chances. Unfortunately, at this time the Springfield Rescue Mission is primarily dedicated to getting men off the street and into a warm bed. They have hopes in the future to open a women’s shelter of their own that can offer many new programs directed strictly towards women’s health and getting them back on their feet. If you are interested in helping the Springfield Rescue Mission out click here to check out some of their alternative donation methods.

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