Subaru of America recently announced that they will be stopping sales on the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid for the 2017 model year. The Crosstrek Hybrid was actually Subaru’s first hybrid to be mass produced. It’s great on gas and still has all the features you have come to enjoy with Subaru vehicles like amazing on and off-road performance. Does this mean it didn’t sell well? No, not at all. Subaru’s motive for stopping production on the Crosstrek Hybrid is most likely due to the global platform being implemented into Subaru’s lineup.

Now this may be the end of the Crosstrek Hybrid, but Subaru may still have a few Hybrid models up their sleeve. Jeff Walters, executive vice president of sales, explained “We are currently working on a new hybrid vehicle, although it is too early to discuss specifics.” It’s too early to tell what Walters is referring to exactly but some enthusiasts are already up in arms about the news.

Subaru’s goal is to move to a global platform for their vehicles. The new platform was designed to include PHEV and electric vehicles. Crash absorption has improved by 40% with the new platform and Subaru has even increased the rigidity of the body structure by over 70%! Combine the new platform with Subaru’s award winning All-wheel drive system, EyeSight capabilities and we’re looking at a pretty great base for the next generation of Subaru vehicles. If you are even half as excited we are for the next set of models then let us know which 2017/2018 model or concept is your favorite in the comments below.

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