The larger the family grows the more difficult it becomes to manage a proper budget. You are forced to make pretty big decisions for the whole family including what type of vehicle will be used to transport the kiddos. Many things should be taken into consideration when making this decision like the size, the design, convenience features and more.

Whether you’re in the market for a SUV, minivan, or a crossover there are certain features you should take into account when car shopping. Gas mileage is a pretty big deal these days, especially when gas fluctuates at such an extreme rate. Minivans and Crossovers dominate this portion. If you need a fuel-efficient vehicle with more than enough room for the whole family then a minivan may be the direction you should gravitate towards. Now, if you need the capability of an SUV as well as plenty of room a SUV may be your best choice. Compact SUVs can get the job done but if you are looking to tow items or carry a large family they can be problematic in hilly areas, especially in the winter. Crossovers are the middleground. Many crossover models offer the same capability SUVs offer but with a much smaller footprint. This can sometimes be the most economic decision depending on where you live and how large your family is.

While gas mileage may be a key factor in your decision to purchase a vehicle it should not be the primary reason you are making the decision to spend thousands of dollars on a new vehicle. Not filling up as much can add up over time but sometimes a vehicle’s warranty may be worth losing those three or four miles per gallon. Owning a vehicle is a commitment and should be treated like one. When something breaks it is your responsibility to make sure that it gets fixed. While under warranty you can rest assured since the manufacturer has no choice but to cover the costs. Save yourself the headache and look for a vehicle that gets a decent combined MPG but also has a warranty you find acceptable for your use.

The safety rating should be another key factor in your decision to purchase a vehicle for your family. Surely you have heard about SUVs being more likely to roll over in an accident. That sounds pretty terrifying, but realistically you can roll any vehicle. It is completely dependant on just how fast you were going and how the collision itself happened. According to stats gathered back in 2005 by the Insurance institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), large SUVs have one of the lowest mortality rates – roughly 24 people are killed for every million vehicles registered. The does not even come close to the Midsize SUVs average mortality rate of 57 deaths per million, or the 70 deaths per million involved in an accident with a crossover in general.

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a pretty intimidating process. Do your research on a number of vehicles before you make your final decision. Be sure to study the facts rather than the marketing schemes the manufacturers come up with. When it comes down to it, if SUVs were really that bad why would so many people own them? Do your research and you will be fine. If you need assistance finding the perfect vehicle please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our Bertera locations for advice and assistance.

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