Our customers have got to be the best in the world. We receive letters, pictures, and more all the time! We love sharing with our customers and it warms our hearts to know they're willing to share with us as well! We received the letter below from one of our loyal customers a few days ago. Have a look for yourself and find out just why our customers are the greatest!

Good morning Todd,

I enjoyed the visit to Bertera Subaru of Hartford to have our 2016 Legacy serviced. While I was there I said hello to the Sales Manager and had a welcome cup of coffee in your customer lounge. I am amazed at how professional and courteous your dealership is. I am so glad that I bought our Subaru there. Thank you again for the great visit. Will definitely recommend your dealership and your brand of vehicles to anyone who asks about such.

Darian P.
The proud owner of a 2016 Subaru Legacy Premium

The next one is from a pretty experienced car buyer. Check it out below!

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you the express my appreciation of the fine experience we had with sales rep Joe Boughton. I purchased a 2004 Subaru Forester for my daughter Katherine on May 17, 2016. My wife and I were met by Joe about the car I saw advertised on the internet.

Joe took us for a test drive, were satisfied, made a deposit, pending purchase on my daughter's approval the next day, and purchased the car, Although this was a modest purchase $, Joe was the most personable, detailed and knowledgeable car salesman I have met (I’m 85, and have purchased many cars in my day).

We would certainly want to deal with Joe again when we decide to purchase a new Subaru in the future. Joe is a fine asset to your dealership, and deserves a kudo from you.


John P J.

P.S. Joe called a few days after the purchase to be sure all was ok and left a message. Thank you, Joe.


We have included the hand written letter below.


A letter from a happy customer!


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