Bon voyage Nylin!

On August 31st, 2015 we had the pleasure of hosting a going away party for our good friend Nylin. It all began when Nylin entered her party on a pink carpet while the party goers made sure she was covered in confetti along with most of the sales floor. After her photo shoot with her baked goods and going away gifts Nylin was kind enough to thank everyone for attending her party. To top it off immediately after she started delivering slices of cake to each party goer individually. We were glad to have Nylin and we hope her trip to Paris is everything she could imagine and more! Thank you Make-A-WIsh Massachusetts and Rhode Island for making all of this possible and giving us the chance to share this moment with Nylin.

Enjoy the Carousel and video below to see some of our favorite pictures from Nylin’s going away party!

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