DSC_0058Bertera Subaru Outlet in Hartford raised $48,000 this year for the local Make a Wish Foundation

Thank you for being a part of the most successful Subaru “Share the Love” event in Subaru’s History! The seventh annual Subaru “Share the Love” event donated a total of15 million dollars to four national charities and over 600 “Hometown Charities“throughout the country! We could not have reached this historic number without you.

The addition of incorporating “Hometown Charities” to the Subaru “Share the Love” event has proven to be a success once again. Customers who selected the “Hometown Charity” option helped donate over 8 million dollars.

With the closing of the seventh annual Subaru “Share the Love” event, we would like to take the time to not only thank you for your hard work, but show you how your efforts have funded the participating national and local charities:


  • “Hometown Charities”: $8,075,643.00 Share The Love 2014
  • ASPCA: $2,070,182.70
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation: $2,065,178.54
  • Meals on Wheels: $1,471,883.16
  • National Park Foundation: $1,317,112.64

The Subaru “Share the Love” event donations helps sustain national and “Hometown Charities” throughout the year. Giving back to our partners and local communities is what drives us forward, and we thank you for being a part of it.


Thank you all for your support of the 2014/2015 #‎ShareTheLove campaign, and your generous contribution of $48,223 to Make-A-Wish Connecticut!


Best Regards,
TonyQ Webmaster  @ www.berteramotors.com

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